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100% Natural Cup Maojian Tea

100% Natural Cup Maojian Tea

Product Pictures Our Tea Speciality Company Profile Guizhou LingFeng Technology Industrial Park Co., Ltd lies in Duyun, a scenic city that is named as “Global Green City”, “China 's top ten tea town”, “City of China Maojian Tea”. The company was established in Nov. 8th, 2011 with the...

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Product Name100% natural green cup tea maojian paper cup tea with OEM logo
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The air in the soup is full of light sweetness. The first entrance feels soft and mellow, sweet with potato and honey likes flowers.

Package400pcs per box
Payment TermsT/T , Paypal,WeChat,Alipay,Western Union,Master Card,On line
PortsAny ports
Sample TimeAbout 7 days
Delivery TimeAbout 7-15days(according to your Qty)

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Company Profile

Guizhou LingFeng Technology Industrial Park Co., Ltd lies in Duyun, a scenic city that is named as “Global Green City”, “China 's top ten tea town”, “City of China Maojian Tea”. The company was established in Nov. 8th, 2011 with the registered capital of RMB 110,000,000. We mainly engage in tea planting and selling, tea garden tourism and tea products exportation as well as importation. The tea garden covers an area of 41.2 acres and a comprehensive base of tea industry chain is planned to be built within 5 years with an investment of RMB 500,000,000. 


10 Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Black Tea

1.Has Antioxidant Properties

Black tea contains a group of polyphenols that have antioxidant properties. Consuming antioxidants may help decrease the risk of chronic disease and improve your overall health.

2. May Boost Heart Health

Black tea contains flavonoids, which are beneficial for heart health. Studies have found that regularly drinking black tea may help reduce the risk of heart disease.

3. May Lower “Bad” LDL Cholesterol

LDL and HDL are two types of lipoproteins that carry cholesterol throughout the body. Too much LDL in the body can increase the risk of heart disease and stroke. Studies have found that black tea may help reduce LDL levels.

4. May Improve Gut Health

The gut houses trillions of bacteria and the majority of your immune system. Polyphenols and antimicrobial properties found in black tea may help improve gut health and immunity.

5. May Help Reduce Blood Pressure

High blood pressure can cause many health complications. Drinking black tea on a regular basis may help decrease systolic and diastolic blood pressure, but research is mixed.

6. May Help Reduce the Risk of Stroke

Stroke is the second leading cause of death globally. Fortunately, in many cases, it can be prevented. Studies have found that black tea may help reduce the risk of stroke.

7. May Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Insulin is a hormone that is secreted when you consume sugar. Black tea is a great non-sweetened beverage that can help improve the use of insulin and reduce blood sugar.

8. May Help Reduce the Risk of Cancer

Black tea contains polyphenols, which may help fight cancer cells in the body. Although consuming black tea will not cure cancer, it may help decrease cancer cell development.

9. May Improve Focus

Black tea can help improve focus due to its content of caffeine and an amino acid called L-theanine. This amino acid increases alpha activity in the brain, which can help improve focus and alertness.

10.Easy to Make

Making black tea is simple and takes only a couple minutes. You can use either tea bags or loose leaves and adjust the taste to your preference.

Our services

1) 7*24 Hour Service    

2) Factory Direct Competitive Price    

3) No MOQ Fast Delivery    

4) ISO9001&SGS    

5) OEM Package    

6) 100% Natural Leaves


Q1 : Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?

A1 :Yes, we are manufacturer. W e have own tea plantation and factory.

Q2 :Shall we visit your factory?

A2 :No problem, please plan to go our factory during the spring time.

Q3 :How is your price?

A3 :We surely your money paid to traders for better quality tea.

Q4 :Are you giving samples?

A4 :Our honor to offer FREE SAMPLES to you but you need to bear the shipment fee.

Q5 :What is the production shipment time?

A5 :Usually we need 1 month to produce but we have many different tea stock tea in our warehouse. Shipment time is about 15 days after confirm order.

Q6 :How about payment?

A6 :50%TT or OVER $50000.00 can do LC at sight.



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