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China New Hot Selling Filter Cups

China New Hot Selling Filter Cups

Product Pictures Products Process Company Profile Guizhou LingFeng Technology Industrial Park Co., Ltd lies in Duyun, a scenic city that is named as “Global Green City”, “China 's top ten tea town”, “City of China Maojian Tea”. The company was established in Nov. 8th, 2011 with the...

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Product NameChina new hot selling top tea products broken black tea cups
Product Detailhigh altitude,low latitude ans short sunshine duration,the unique landscape ans climatic conditions here make it the suitable place for the growth of tea in china,which also forms the special flavour of tea.
Package(1) 400 pcs per box
Payment TermsT/T , Paypal,WeChat,Alipay,Western Union,Master Card,On line
PortsAny ports
Sample TimeAbout 3 days
Delivery TimeAbout 7-15days(according to your Qty)

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Guizhou LingFeng Technology Industrial Park Co., Ltd lies in Duyun, a scenic city that is named as “Global Green City”, we use the raw material, which introduces Taiwan's advanced tea processing equipment and unique craftsmanship to produces luxurious Mao-Jian black tea, oolong tea, tea for beverage, as well as tea foods and highly processed tea products, which produced from the ecological and organic tea material in Guizhou, with imported Taiwan equipments and techniques. It would achieve the developing goal of 100,000-ton annual output increasingly.The tea garden covers an area of 41.2 acres and a comprehensive base of tea industry chain is planned to be built within 5 years with an investment of RMB 500,000,000. 


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New tea is not as new as possible. It is easy to hurt the stomach due to improper drinking. Since the new tea has just been picked, it has a short storage time and contains many unoxidized polyphenols, aldehydes and alcohols. These substances are suitable for healthy people. There is not much impact, but for patients with poor gastrointestinal function, especially those with chronic gastrointestinal inflammation, these substances will stimulate the gastrointestinal mucosa, and people with poor gastrointestinal function are more likely to induce stomach disease. Therefore, it is not advisable to drink more new teas. Do not drink new teas that are stored for less than half a month.

New tea also contains more caffeine, active alkaloids and a variety of aromatic substances, these substances will also make the central nervous system excited, patients with neurasthenia, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease should drink in moderation, and should not be at bedtime Or drink on an empty stomach.

Do not use tea to take the medicine; do not drink tea within 1 hour before or after taking the medicine. Ginseng and American ginseng should not be eaten with tea. Avoid drinking strong tea and hangover; don't drink tea before meals; avoid drinking tea immediately after meal; girls avoid drinking strong tea.

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