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Hot Sales Tea Cup

Hot Sales Tea Cup

The filter tea cup is a scientific method that combines a specific amount of tea and a disposable paper cup. After special processing, the tea is hidden at the bottom of the cup, which is hard to detect. The water poured into the cup is water, but It is a thick fragrant tea. The "Hidden Tea Cup" is named after it. This kind of cup is as convenient as a disposable paper cup. However, the difference is that the “hidden cup” is a kind of simplicity, which changes the traditional and cumbersome process of hospitality, and brings hygiene and cleanliness to tea and tea drinkers. Enjoy it with pleasure.

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Basic Information: Located in the Laowangpo Plot of Dongshan, Green Lake Industrial Park, Duyun City, Guizhou Province, Guizhou Lingfeng Science & Technology Industrial Park Co., Ltd. covers an area of 251 mu, planning to invest RMB 500 million only. Boosted by our creative craft, we take the Guizhou ecological organic tea as raw material and introduce the advanced tea processing equipment for producing the unique boutique black tea and oolong tea, aiming to make the two series our fist products, which we think is a milestone of Guizhou tea, and also a new start of Guizhou tea brand. As the harvest and utilization of tea in Guizhou is generally low, most of the summer and autumn tea and the available tea with leaves less than three will just hang on the tree or rot away after pruning, which causes great loss of tea resources, so we decide to work with tea companies, colleges and universities to make use of the resources that could be wasted. By achievements of scientific research and development, we expand the deep processing of tea with the development of beverage tea as a starting point and create our tea series with the tea resources in province. For unique style and comprehensive function, we will build the first domestic tea industry chain base mainly invested by private investment.          

Introduction about Disposable Filter Cup: 

a) Tea: Tested by Euro fins Scientific Co., Ltd. according to EU standards, conforming to EU implementation standards. (Please se微信图片_20190107160706e the Annex 1 for European Standard Test Report.)

b) Filter paper: Adopt Japanese exported filter paper which pa微信图片_20190107160737ssed the 7T tests by Zhejiang Fangyuan Test Group Co., Ltd. according to GB/T25436/2010 Heat-sealable Tea Filter Paper Standard and Implementing Regulations of Production License for Products of Paper-made Food Packages and Containers are all in line with the implementation standards. (Please see the Annex 2 for the test report.)   


RFQ about Filter cup

 1)When you say I don't have to worry about duties and freight your meaning just to the Port Hunan? I'm working with a shipping company that is near me and it would make it easier and cost effective if you could ship to Shanghai not Port Hunan.

Normally, we ship the goods from Port Humen, which locates in Guangdong Province and not far from Hongkong (Maybe 2hrs drive from Humen to Hongkong). So, yes, I mean just to the Port Humen. And I think the distance from Humen to Sydney is shorter than from Shanghai to Sydney. But if the shipping company in Shanghai will make things easier and cost effective for you, we can ship to Shanghai.

2) Could you also please specify the actual weight & box size for the 12oz cups if it has not change that's fine but if you could let me know asap?

The weight of 12oz cup is 18.6g/pc. The standard size of box is 41cm*41cm*41cm. If you want to change any standards, we can alter and fit in your needs.

3)  The tea dust used is fine for tea with milk but for tea without milk I feel it doesn't have enough flavour.

Good to know that tea dust used is fine for tea with milk. I suggest that you can increase the tea dust from 3g to 5g, which will provide a stronger taste. And we are using light taste tea dust for the samples may be another reason for insufficient flavour. In terms of this, maybe we can change other kinds of tea dust to provide a stronger taste.

4)  How many grams of tea?

 Each filter cup has 3g tea leaves or tea dust.

5) the MOQ keeps rising each quote, since the last quote it has gone from 50000 to 100000, why is that?

Because the paper cup manufacturer increse our MOQ from 5,0000 to 10,000 recently, the MOQ of the filter cup has to increse to 10,000. But we will  keep negotiating with the factory and will update you if any change occurs.

6)Please specify the currency used in the quote on the quote please? Remember the higher it is the higher my costs will be on this side. 5% Tariffs + Insurance, gst 10%.

The currency used in all quotes is USD. I believe I can understand hom much tax we have to pay when living in Australia.

7) Are these single wall cups?

All of the samples, including sticker cup, hollow cup and corrugated cup, are double wall cups. The only single wall cup we give you is the cup with our LOGO (GUI TAI HONG).

8)What do you mean by hollow cups?

Hollow cup is a special type of cup. As we know, hollow cup is double wall cup, there is a gap between these two walls and this gap is empty but provides heat insulation function. That’s why we call it hollow cup.

9) Could you please send me a detailed description of the 2 types of what the cups are made off? Its a really important factor for Australia as there are a lot of campaigns that are trying to ban the paper cups.

Since the paper cup manufacturer can’t provide any further information for the manufacture process, the only information we have for the moment is the ingridient but I will keep doing relevant research and let you know the updates asap.

10) When you say sticker do you mean printing? Please specify. Could I also have the price without the printing.

Sticker cup is a terminology for this kind of cup. It doesn’t mean printing. Actually, the price we quoted before is the price without printing. For our longterm cooperation, our company deducts the printing fee for you, which means the price with or without the printing is the same.

11)You say it takes 30days for 100000 what would it take for 50000?

Because currently the MOQ is 100,000, we cannot provide the manufacture period of 50,000. We will negotiate with the factory about the MOQ.

12)Why are the lids so expensive? I can buy them locally for 3cents AUD each.

 Because the factory doesn’t major in lids manufacturing, the price seems too high. We will look for some other factories for cheaper lids. But I think 3 cents is a reasonal price, maybe you can keep using these lids.

13) Could you please check your g/ml as the seem to be mixed up on the quote sheet, also see below the global standards eg: 12oz =  see below for sizing & mls each cup holds. It would be good to get the cups with the diameter where the diameter is standard and all lids will fit this cup doesn't matter how many oz it is.

Sorry for the confution in the quote sheet. Actually, “260g” means the thickness of the paper, the higher the thicker. So this number doesn’t relate to the volumn of a filter cup. We can make sure the volumn of the cups fit in the global standard, 12oz = 354.882 ml. And we have the same idea as you, to unify the diameter of the cups so one lid can match each cup. However, we are no sure which lid you decide to use, once you have a decision, we can alter the diatermeter of the cups.

14) Do you have specifications/information on the PLA cups? The % of materials used and how long it takes to breakdown etc?? (people will ask me these questions)

We check the PLA cups with the factory, the period of degradation is 9 months. The major material is corn starch. We don’t know the percentage cause the formula is a business secret for the factory. Attached an image that shows the process of degradation.

15)Are the cups recyclable?

Yes, they are, the filters are biodegradable, and the cups are recyclable. We are also working on a recycling plan with Simply Cups.

16)When you say the cups are recyclable what exactly do you mean? What are they made from?

Filter paper: non-woven fabric (made of textile staple fiber) or corn fiber, customized according to customer needs.

 Cup: Sugar cane pulp plus poplar pulp.

17)Can I get samples? If so how much are they?

Samples are free of charge up to 5 cups, depending on where you are situated you may have to pay a small delivery charge.

18)What type of tea comes with the standard cups?

Black loose-leaf tea is standard Duyun Maojian, picked in the spring. Our beautiful Green Tea’s, Breakfast Tea & herbals are also available.

19)Do the cups come with lids?

Yes,the cups come with lids,but it will cost the lid’s fee.

20)If I want a nonstandard tea, what would be the minimum quantities I have to order?

The number of hidden cups is not determined according to the quality of the added tea, but is determined according to the quality and model of the cup. The minimum order quantity is attached to the form.

21)What are the minimum quantities I must order if I want logo’s printed?

The minimum order quantity varies according to different cup sizes and quality.

22)How much will it cost for printing?

The price of printing is included in the price of each cup, and there is no need to add printing fees.

23)What are the turnaround times for printing?

The printing cycle of 100,000 hidden cups is 25 days, and the period of canned tea is 5 days.

24) How much is delivery?

A: Delivery will depend on your state please ask for a quote with qty.

25) What is the minimum order Qty for a standard size cup without printing?

A: 5000

26)Can I purchase loose leaf teas without cups?

A: Yes,please send e-mail

27) What are your payment terms?

A: Pay up front either by Credit Card, Pay Pal or Direct Deposit,L/C,T/T.

28) What other size cups do you have?

A: 8oz、9.5oz、12oz、13oz、14oz、16oz

29) How do you control the product quality?

 A: It is easy for us to manage this as we work from our own tea farms. Quality is checked before the tea is processed, the tea for the cups has to a specific type to be enable the flavour to shine once milk is added. It is imperative the tea must be a high quality that withstands long steeping. All deliveries once landed in Australia are checked prior to shipping. Our aim is to deliver a seamless transaction for our customers.

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