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Broken Leaves Black Tea

Broken Leaves Black Tea

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Broken leaves black tea

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Broken leaves black tea is made from the finest tea. It is made from the traditional tea making process. Broken leaves black tea can be used to release the contents of the cell tissue when it encounters boiling water. The product is processed into black tea and milk to make milk tea and tea drinks

----------------------------       Tea knowledge       ---------------------------------

How to see the dyed tea with the naked eye


There are some bad businesses. In order to make the tea bubble out, there is a better selling phase. So the tea will be dyed. So how do you visually distinguish whether the tea is dyed?

Tea expert, answer your questions

Grab a handful of dry tea on a white paper or white porcelain plate. Rotate the double-handed disk in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction to observe whether the shape of the black tea dry tea is uniform, whether the color is consistent, and some need to see if it is gold. No.

The ropes are tight and clean, no broken tea or broken tea, and the color is black and oily. The ropes are coarse and loose, the color is messy, broken tea and powdered tea. There are even inclusions such as tea seeds, tea fruits, old branches, old leaves, pests and leaves, weeds, branches, metal objects, insects, etc. These teas are considered as defective tea or inferior tea. Dyed black tea may fake the appearance of high-quality good tea, but it will expose the color of the tea after brewing. Some dyed teas may even have the effect of ink dripping into the cup, and the color will spread out over a large area.

In addition, it can be distinguished by looking at the soup color and the leaf bottom after brewing. The soup of authentic high-quality black tea is bright and clear, and the bottom of the leaf is completely unfolded and evenly distributed. The texture is soft and tender; of course, the dyed black tea will also show the appearance of his defective tea and inferior tea after brewing: the soup is red and uneven. , slightly darker, turbid color, and some show the characteristics of the bottom of the leaf is not showing, the color is dull.

Tea Culture

According to one of Chinese legends, the tea was discovered some 5,000 years ago by Shennong Shi, whose name literally means "Divine Farmer" and who is considered to have been one of the Three Sovereigns (also known as "Three Emperors").

Shen Nong Shi was the first Chinese herbal doctor and is venerated as the Father of Chinese medicine. One of his contributions was tasting herbs so people could have medicine; he discovered the tea while he traveled many high mountains and collected various plants.

Myths tell that Shennong had a transparent body and thus could see the effect of different plants and herbs on him. Thus, he could see which organ was affected and then select an antidote immediately. He found tea named “Cha” to work as an antidote.

One day, Shennong Shi found a kind of plant with green leaves and white flowers. He tested the leaves and noticed a strange thing: they circulated in his stomach and cleaned the food that he consumed before and also perfumed his breath and left a sensation of freshness in his mouth. From then on, Shennong Shi used those leaves to neutralize toxin of the healing plants he experienced.

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