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Gold Leaves Black Tea

Gold Leaves Black Tea

Product Detail Brewing Method Company Profile Guizhou LingFeng Technology Industrial Park Co., Ltd lies in Duyun, a scenic city that is named as “Global Green City”, “China 's top ten tea town”, “City of China Maojian Tea”. The company was established in Nov. 8th, 2011 with the registered...

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gold leaves black tea
1.jpgBlack tea
Adopts best leaves from the high elevation black tea plantion.

High altitude,low latitude ans short sunshine duration,the unique landscape ans climatic conditions here make it the suitable place for the growth of tea in china,which also forms the special flavour of tea.

product namegold leaves black tea
Package125g, 250g, 500g for a paper bag /plastic bag/OEM 
       5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg, 25kg paper carton/Plastic bag/Paper bag/OEM.
Payment TermsT/T , Paypal, WeChat, Alipay, Western Union, Master Card
PortAny Chinese Port
Sample timeAbout 3 days
Delivery timeAbout 7-15days (according to your require)

Product Detail

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Brewing Method

1. Warm cup

Wash the cup and burn it slightly with boiling water. This is a warm cup.

2. wake up tea

Put the tea into a cup that has been scalded at a high temperature and brew it with boiling water at 85 degrees Celsius. The amount of water over the tea is slightly more. Wait for the tea to stretch for a while and pour off the water. What is the significance of this step? The purpose is to completely wake up the tea and renew the essence of the tea. And some impurities in the tea, the broken ends, will also flow out at this time, so that the tea brewed in the next step will be fresher and cleaner.

3. brewing

The position of the kettle can be appropriately increased. From top to bottom, the water falls into the cup like a waterfall, and the tea leaves at the bottom of the cup are bathed. Note that the water temperature of the tea is 80-90 degrees.

4. tea

The temperature of the tea that has just been soaked is too high. At this time, it is not advisable to drink the cow. First, carefully appreciate it, smell its fragrance, observe its color, and change its shape.

5. drinking tea

Wait until the tea soup is cool and palatable, and slowly taste.

Company Profile

Guizhou LingFeng Technology Industrial Park Co.,Ltd.located in Duyun , Guizhou province. The main product in order to operate planting and selling tea, tea garden tourism and import and export trade of tea product as well.The developed area of the Company is 166,500 square meters, which is a tea-industry- chain base with unique style and comprehensive functions of tea R&D, production, trading, business service and leisure tourist all in one. The intended investment is five-hundred-million yuan RMB.Duyun is the most suitable place for planting with high altitude, low latitude and less sunlight period. The average annual temperature is about 16 degree centigrade, annual average precipitation is 1400 millimeter approximately.

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The characteristic of the tea

Duyun Maojian is one of the top ten famous teas in China. It is not only delicious, but also has the effect of quenching thirst, clearing the heart and clearing the eyes, refreshing the mind, eliminating greasy food, inhibiting atherosclerosis, reducing fat and reducing weight, preventing cancer and preventing scurvy. And the protection of radioactive elements and other effects and functions, deeply loved by people, thus stimulating the sales of Duyun Maojian. There are 1.618 million mu of tea gardens in Qiannan, with an annual output of 24,000 tons of tea. The products sell well at home and abroad, with sales of 4.2 billion yuan in 2016.

Especially after the sales of Duyun Maojian and the connection with the Internet, it has promoted the sales of Duyun Maojian, so that planting can obtain higher economic benefits. 

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