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Machine Tea in Black Tea

Machine Tea in Black Tea

Products Picture Products Process Growing Area Company Profile Guizhou LingFeng Technology Industrial Park Co., Ltd lies in Duyun, a scenic city that is named as “Global Green City”, “China 's top ten tea town”, “City of China Maojian Tea”. The company was established in Nov. 8th, 2011 with...

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high altitude,low latitude ans short sunshine duration,the unique landscape ans climatic conditions here make it the suitable place for the growth of tea in china,which also forms the special flavour of tea.Products Picture


Products Process

primary process

①picking up tea leaves ②drying ③fully fermented ④rolling

refining process 

①screening ②beating the bag ③winnowing ④ re-screening ⑤picking out ⑥re-drying ⑦packing


Growing Area

24,711 acres locates in the south of Duyun City with rolling

 hills, canyons, streams and forest, which involves many  

enterprise-run tea cooperatives. The unique landscape

 and climatic conditions, along with high altitude, low latitude

 and short sunshine duration here make it the most suitable

 place for the growth of tea trees in China. In addition, the 

average annual temperature is about 16℃ and the precipitation 

1,400mm, which also forms the special flavor of the tea.


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Address :Dongshan Laowangpo, Gantang Industrial Park, Duyun, Buyi And Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Qiannan, Guizhou, China (Mainland)

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