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Black tea preservation method
Jun 28, 2018

Tea should be kept away from moisture and heat, and should not be stored together with detergents, spices, soaps, etc. to keep the tea pure. It is best to put it in a tea jar and move it to a dark, dry place. It is best to drink tea after opening it as soon as possible, otherwise the taste and aroma will be lost. Different teas should not be mixed for drinking, so as not to appreciate the tea Original taste.

Specific storage

1. The method of storage of tin cans: Use tinplate double-cover colored tea supplied on the market as a receptacle. Before storage, check that the can body and lid are closed and not leaking. When it is stored, the dried tea can be canned and the cans must be packed. This method is convenient, but not suitable for long-term storage.

2, hot water bottle storage method: use a good warmth thermos as a holding device. Put dry tea into the bottle and put it in the bottle to reduce the amount of air in the bottle. The bottle is tightly closed with a cork stopper, and the plug edge is sealed with white wax, and then wrapped with tape. Since the air in the bottle is small and the temperature is stable, this method is also effective and easy to maintain.

3, ceramics storage method: use a dry and odorless, sealed ceramic altar, with kraft paper wrapped in tea, divided around the altar, in the middle of a lime bag, then put the tea bag, filled with the altar , tightly covered with cotton. Lime is replaced every 1-2 months. This method utilizes the hygroscopicity of quicklime to make the tea leaves free from moisture and has a good effect. It can maintain the quality of tea for a long time, especially some valuable teas such as Longjing Qi Gun Dafang. This method is particularly suitable.

4. Storage method for packaging bags: firstly wrap the tea with clean and odor-free white paper, then pack a piece of kraft paper, and then put it into a non-porous plastic food bag and squeeze it gently to squeeze the air out of the bag. Then use a soft rope to tie the bag and take a plastic food bag. Put it back outside of the first bag. Squeeze it gently. Extrude the air in the bag and tie it with a string. Finally, put it in a dry place. Tasteless closed inside the iron cylinder.

5, low temperature storage method: the method with the "food bag storage method", and then tie the bag of tea leaves in the refrigerator. The internal temperature can be controlled below 5 degrees Celsius and can be stored for more than one year. This method is particularly suitable for storage of tea and jasmine tea, but the need to prevent tea moisture.

6, charcoal sealed storage method: the use of charcoal extremely hygroscopic properties to store tea. The charcoal is burned and immediately covered with a brazier or iron pan to make it extinguished. After drying, the charcoal is wrapped with a clean cloth and put in the middle of the tile jar of Sheng tea. The charcoal in the tank should be replaced promptly according to the situation of Hu Chao.

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