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Different tea leaves can be made into different tea powders
Jun 28, 2018

Tea powder is made of tea leaves freshly treated with high-temperature steam and special processing. Instantly crushes 400 mesh or more pure natural tea steamed ultrafine powders to maintain the original color, nutrition, and pharmacology of tea. Any chemical additive, except for direct drinking, can be widely added to all kinds of noodle products (cakes, bread, noodles, biscuits, tofu); frozen products (milk, ice cream, quick-frozen glutinous rice balls, ice cream, yogurt); candy chocolate, seeds , moon cake special fillings, medicines and health products, daily chemicals, etc., in order to strengthen its nutritional and health effects, different tea can be made into different tea powder, the same tea production process is different, there will be a big difference .

Instantly crush the tea into tea powder with 600 mesh or more to maximize the original natural green color and nutrition and pharmacological components of tea. It does not contain any chemical additives. Instant tea is a solid that dissolves quickly in water. Drink tea. There are two types of instant tea: pure tea and tea blended with overwhelming materials. The common teas include instant black tea, instant oolong tea and instant jasmine tea.

Instant tea powder is an effective ingredient extracted from tea leaves by means of extraction and belongs to plant extracts. Instant tea powder can be completely soluble in water, and it can usually be consumed directly or after being formulated.

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