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Fertility experts remind: two cups of black tea a day can increase the chance of conception!
Jan 07, 2019
With the development of society,
Our living standards are constantly improving,
Most girls nowadays do not have regular living habits at home as before.


Play mobile phone can play until 4 or 5 in the morning, this god operation!


Some are often bars and KTVs playing late into the night.....


Roadside barbecue


Smoking and drinking regularly


In fact, these girls are very bad for the body, which makes it difficult
for many girls to want a baby after they get married.


The latest research in the United States points out that drinking black tea
 not only improves health, but also increases the chances of women being
conceived. Drinking two cups of black tea a day increases the chance of
pregnancy for women by 27%. Carbonated drinks such as cola, whether
 or not they contain sugar, will reduce the chances of women being conceived.
Professor Elizabeth Hatch of Boston University led a colleague to investigate
the daily drinking of 3,600 Danish women with an average age of 28 and
 starting a pregnancy program, hoping to assess whether caffeine affects
women's chances of conception.


The researchers asked volunteers to record the daily amount of tea, coffee

 and soft drinks. A year later, the researchers found that compared with

volunteers who did not drink black tea, the probability of conceiving every

 day was nearly 30% higher.


The British "Daily Mail" quoted Hatch as saying: "We found that women who
drink black tea two or three times a day have a 27% higher chance of pregnancy.
" Hatch said: "We don't know how they drink black tea, whether to add milk or
 lemon. But their chances of getting pregnant are higher than those
 who don't drink black tea."


The survey also showed that drinking green tea or herbal tea had no effect
 on the chance of conception. The researchers also found that drinking soft
 drinks such as cola at least twice a day reduced the chance of conception
by 20%; the preference for coffee had no effect on the chance of conception.
Maha Lagunat, a reproductive medicine consultant at the Fertility Care Center
 in Nottingham, UK, said that special ingredients in black tea help fertility.
"Black tea contains many antioxidants and is very beneficial to both male
 and female fertility."


Experts remind: Although women who want children should drink a lot of
 black tea, everything should be appropriate. "Two cups of 10g black tea
 a day are enough.


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