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Kung Fu tea characteristics
Nov 03, 2018

The quality characteristics of Kung Fu black tea: rich in contained substances, high tea polyphenols and catechins, strong tea buds, excellent fermentation properties and rich polyphenols, kung fu black tea, tea bars, It is tightly knotted, full of orange buds, golden buds, luster, scent, high odor, bright red leaves, bright, transparent tea, strong flavor and well-known Chinese and foreign.

Kung Fu black tea contains very rich substances, and the varieties are divided into big leaves and leaflets. The tea leaves are delicate, tightly knotted and full of orange buds.

According to the export method, it can be divided into the number of time tea and the original box of tea. The number of tea is called the Chinese time, and the original box of tea is called the name of the door, Ning Hong Gongfu. According to the region's production areas, it can be divided into East China Labor Day (such as gongmen), Central South Labor Day (such as Hu Hong Gong Fu), and Southwestern Labor (such as Yan Hong Gong Fu and Chuan Hong Gong Fu).

According to the species, it can be divided into two types: big leaf time and leaflet time: the big leaf time tea is made from the fresh leaves of arbor or semi-tea tea tree, also called “red leaf work time”, and is represented by time and effort; The fresh leaves of the shrub-type leaf-leaf tea tree are made from raw materials and are dark in color. They are also known as "black leaf workmen", and they are represented by the work of Chimen and Yi Hong Gongfu.

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