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Milk tea raw material storage
Jun 28, 2018

Many friends who have opened milk tea shops are often struggling with the storage of milk tea raw materials. They do not know how to manage the variety of milk tea ingredients stored. Various kinds of pearl milk tea ingredients can be said that the storage methods of each series of products are different. Here we describe in detail the storage method of each series of pearl milk tea raw materials.

1, the main milk tea raw materials - Creamer (Dairy Creamer): Creamer (cream) easy to absorb water, easily deteriorated, so large bags need to be stored in a dark and dry place. Bulk, temporary creamer (creamer) also needs to be sealed in a sealed can or creamer box.

2, the main milk tea raw materials - pearl powder round (black pearl): pearl powder round a whole package is sealed with a plastic bag, the whole box can be placed in a dry dark place. However, the opened bulk pearl powder packaging needs to be packed in plastic sealed bags in order to deteriorate.

3, the main milk tea raw materials - tea: tea storage method I in front of "pearl milk tea raw tea preservation method" article made a detailed introduction, no longer explain.

4, the main milk tea raw materials - fructose: fructose is a hygroscopic food, afraid of moisture, heat, and fear of cold. Therefore, the relative humidity in the room should not exceed 70%, and the surrounding sugar storage environment should not be lower than 0°C. Below 0°C, the sugar will be agglomeration due to freezing. The summer sugar storage environment should not be higher than 35°C, and the high temperature sugar will be converted. Second: Next to the storage of sugar, it is not possible to store foods that are prone to evaporation by water or foods that have bad odors. In addition, the damage to sugars such as mice, flies, insects, and moths must be prevented. Place sugar in a porcelain jar or glass dish. Place the lid in a cool, well-ventilated area to prevent moisture, but not in the sun or near hot things.

5, fruit powder: fruit powder needs to be stored in a dark and dry place.

6, juice / jam / fruit dew / puree: juice / jam / fruit dew / puree These four series are similar to fructose, sugar content is relatively high, so the deposit method is also similar. Need to cover the lid in a cool, ventilated place, you can prevent moisture, but not in the sun or near hot things.

7. Fruit tea: Put it in a cool and dry place, open it and place it in a dry water tank to avoid direct sunlight.

8, coffee: Coffee is more sensitive to the storage environment, generally need to be placed in a cool, dry place, Kaifeng's coffee, need to seal the opaque jar, isolated from the air, water, sunlight if it is used in the short term like this, If you do not use it within two weeks, leave the jar frozen in the refrigerator. However, it cannot be frozen again after thawing.

9, canned (sweet natto): canned foods in the same way as sugar preserved natto, mainly sugar natto high sugar content. Kaifeng is not used up. It is best to store it in the freezer.

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