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Red broken tea classification
Jun 28, 2018

The broken tea is divided into traditional and non-traditional methods. Non-traditional methods are divided into Rotorvane method, C.T.C method, Leger method and L.T.P method. The product quality of various types of methods varies, but the color classification of red broken tea and the appearance and specifications of various types are basically the same. Red broken tea leaves tea, broken tea, tea, tea, four kinds of color specifications. Outside the leaf tea form a strip, requiring the tight cords, Ying Long, homogeneous Qi, pure color, there is gold (or less or no gold). The endoplasmic soup is red-brown (or bright red), and the aroma is fresh and irritating. According to its quality, it is divided into two types, Flowery Orange Pekoe (F.O.P.) and O.P. The shape of the broken tea is granular, and it is required that the particles be heavy and uniform and contain no or a few millimeters. The color is black and lustrous. The inner quality of the soup is red, and the flavor is fresh and strong. According to the quality, the broken flower is orange. Broken Orange Pokoe referred to as FB .OP), BOP, BP and other colors. The shape of the tea is in the form of agaric flakes, and it is required to be solid and uniform. The soup has a strong aroma and is classified according to quality as "Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe Fanning" (FBOPF for short) and "Crushed Orange, Yellow, White, and Chips" ( BOPF), "PF", "Orange" (OF) and "chip" (F) and other colors. Dust (abbreviated as D) has a sand-like appearance, requiring heavy solids, dark and dark color, and a dark, intense, astringent flavor. For the above four categories, leaf tea can not contain broken tea, broken tea does not contain flakes of tea, tea does not contain tea gray, specifications are clear, strict requirements.

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