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Red broken tea is a kind of tea
Jun 28, 2018

Red broken tea is a kind of tea, and it is a big product in the international tea market. At present, it accounts for about 80% of the total export volume of tea in the world. There are more than 100 years of production history. In China, it is almost 30 years.

The shape of the finished tea rope is tight, majestic, and plump, the color is black, the soup is bright red, the aroma is fresh, the taste is mellow, the astringency is full, the ruddy leaves are bright and smooth, the golden lightness is obvious, and the dark brown, chrysanthemum yellow, Golden points for the export of tea.

India is the country with the largest production and export of red broken tea. In 1835, Assam in India began to grow tea. The tea seeds were imported from China. Chinese experts also went to guide the methods of growing tea and tea and taught hand-made tea methods, including the production technology of small black tea. Afterwards, the manufacturing process was simplified, the pan-fried food was removed, and fermentation, baking, and production of products similar to those of China's Gongfu black tea were performed. After W.S. Lyle invented the first kneading machine in 1874, George Reld invented the tea-cutting machine in 1876. The bar-shaped tea was cut into short and fine pieces of broken tea, and the red broken tea was officially presented. After nearly a hundred years of development, various new machines have been continuously invented. The corresponding technology has emerged continuously. Various types of methods have been roughly determined. The product color has been basically set and consumption habits have been formed, making red broken tea a global staple. Drink.

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