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Tea drinking history
Jun 28, 2018

Milk tea is generally consumed as water when eating various dry foods. Sometimes drinking alone, it is both thirsty and resistant to hunger, better than all modern beverages. When the herdsmen drink milk tea, they must also eat some fried rice, butter, milk tofu, and hand-kneaded meat. This will not only warm the belly and prevent cold attacks, but it will also help digestion of the meat and supplement the lack of vegetables. Vitamins. Therefore, there is a saying in pastoral areas: "It would be better if there is no food on the day and no tea on a day." Indeed, Mongolian herders began their day with milk tea. This hobby in the Mongolian as a historical and cultural expression continues to this day. When you eat breakfast every morning, old and new friends embrace the pot, savor the sensational pure milk tea, taste the fried rice, cream and pastries with Mongolian characteristics, talk with one heart, talk about the world and drink the tip of your nose. With sweat, it is a reflection of the saying: “How can a tea house be beautiful?” If you have the opportunity to visit the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, you will be able to enjoy the history and culture of people in town hostels or hotel cafeterias. Of course, in the Mongolian yurt is even more interesting.

Milk tea can go to greasy, digestive, refreshing, diuretic detoxification, fatigue, but also suitable for acute and chronic enteritis, gastritis and duodenal ulcers and other patients. It can also play a detoxifying role for alcohol and narcotics poisoning.

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