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Match the secret of black tea
Jan 05, 2019

In the cold season, it is not advisable to drink tea, cold-fermented tea such as green tea, light-fermented oolong tea, and new Pu'er tea.

In such a day, tea-hot black tea is particularly favored.

The black tea is rich in aroma, rich in flavor and irritating, which not only helps to regulate the stomach but also protects the heart and brain.

Moreover, when you add a "material" to the black tea, it will become a "good prescription" for warming up the body.


Ginger has a spicy taste and has the effects of sweating, warming, vomiting, warming and relieving cough.

When it meets black tea, it can not only warm the body, but also help regulate the spleen and stomach.

Production Method

Just drop 5~10 drops of ginger juice into the hot black tea, or grab one or two ginger and put it into the black tea, then add brown sugar or honey and stir.


Cinnamon is hot, can help the fire to help the yang, dispel the cold and relieve pain, promote blood circulation, and match with black tea, help warm the spleen and stomach, in addition to cold.

Production Method

Put the cinnamon into the cup, pour it into boiling water, soak the impurities for about 10 minutes, then add the black tea, then add boiling water for about 5 minutes to drink.

3.+ dried tangerine peel

The black tea is fermented and baked, and the tea polyphenols undergo enzymatic oxidation reaction under the action of oxidase, and the generated oxidation products can promote human digestion.

Chen Pi can refine spleen, reduce greasy vomiting, and drink with black tea to double the effect of digestion.

Production Method

The method is the same as that of ginger black tea. It should be noted that the fresh orange peel contains a lot of volatile oil, which is not suitable for medicinal use.

4.+ lemon

Lemon is rich in nutrients such as vitamin C, citric acid, malic acid and hesperidin. With black tea, not only the taste is fresh, but also the stomach to help digestion.

Production Method

Brew the black tea with boiling water, and let it dry to about 80 °C. Put the sliced lemon slices into black tea, and a cup of fresh and sour lemon black tea will be soaked.

5.+ pepper

The south is damp, with some peppers, it can be damp in spring and summer, and it can keep warm in winter. Pepper is mixed with black tea to help refresh and refresh the heat.

Production Method

Take 10 peppers and brew with the right amount of black tea.

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