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About The Chinese New Year!
Feb 03, 2019

        In China,New Year's Eve is the evening of the last day of the Lunar New Year, the night before the Spring Festival. 01798b578ee53f0000018c1b827d8c_副本The lunar calendar is mostly a big month in December, so there are 30 days, so it is also called the New Year's Eve. In December, the small month is the 9th day, and some areas will be renamed the 2nd. The original meaning of the word "except" in "New Year's Eve" is "go", which is referred to as "easy", that is, alternating; the original meaning of the word "Xi" is "the sundial", which is extended to "night." Therefore, "New Year's Eve" will contain the old age to the second night, and the meaning of the new year will be changed tomorrow.


     New Year's Eve is extremely important to the Chinese. On this day, people are prepared to welcome the new and welcome the reunion dinner. In ancient China, some prison officials even put prisoners back home and reunite with their families for the New Year. 24297153_163608070474_2_副本This shows how important the "community meal" is to the ancient Chinese. The family is the cornerstone of the Chinese community. The annual group dinner fully demonstrates the mutual respect and love of the Chinese family members. This mutual respect and mutual love makes the relationship between the family closer. The reunion of family members often gives the head of the family comfort and satisfaction in the spirit. The elderly look at the children and grandchildren, and the size of the family is common. The past care and the painstaking efforts of raising children are not in vain. What a happiness. The younger generation is also taking the opportunity to express gratitude to the parents for their parenting.                                                             

During the Spring Festival, every household eats more greasy, and eating too much greasy food will cause a burden on the stomach. It is recommended that everyone drink some oily and dehydrated tea.

During the processing of black tea, a chemical reaction centered on the enzymatic oxidation of tea polyphenols occurred. The tea polyphenols were reduced by more than 90%, and new ingredients such as theaflavins and thearubigins were produced. The aroma substances increased significantly compared with fresh leaves, so Black tea has the characteristics of black tea, red soup, red leaves and sweet alcohol. Black tea can help digestion and promote appetite, diuresis, eliminate edema, and strengthen heart function. In black tea, “the rich flavonoids can eliminate free radicals and have anti-acidification effect, which reduces the incidence of myocardial infarction. Black tea can help regulate blood sugar, but there is still no definitive conclusion. In winter, the stomach is easy to be uncomfortable, and the melon fruit is eaten. Too many people who feel uncomfortable can add brown sugar and ginger slices to the black tea. They can drink slowly and warmly. They have a stomach-raising effect and the body will be more comfortable.If you need some,please send inquiry for us.



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