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Another Reason For The Superior Quality Of Qimen Black Tea
Jun 28, 2018

Another reason for the superior quality of Qimen black tea is its special planting characteristics.

There are 8 main varieties of Qimen tea tree, they are eucalyptus leaf species, willow species, chestnut lacquer species, purple bud leaves, late bud species, large willow species, large leaf species, and early bud species. Among them, 69.5% were eucalyptus and 16.8% were lanceolate. Eucalyptus leaves have the characteristics of high yield and high quality, and are the main raw materials for the production of Eosin-Red, which contains rich aroma and taste ingredients and is the material basis for the mellow taste of red wine.

Qimen black tea picking standards are more stringent, high-grade tea is dominated by one bud and two leaves, generally one bud and three leaves and corresponding tenderness of the pair of clips. Batch leaves many times to retain mining, spring tea picking 6 to 7 batches, summer tea picking 6 batches, less mining or not picking autumn tea.

In the method of making tea, historically tea houses had the habit of collecting wet granules (fermented leaves). The tea granules were recovered and slow fire was used to slow the drying of the tea. The doors and windows of the tea were closed tightly, and thick drapes were set at the entrance to maintain a certain temperature indoors. Makes the fragrance in tea not easily lost. In the past 30 years, after the implementation of mechanized tea-making, the main focus was on technology, focusing on the close appearance of Miaoxiu and endoplasmic aromas, and maintaining and promoting the characteristics of Qimenxiang, making the quality of Qihonggong lasting and well-known.

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