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Black Tea Taboo
Jun 28, 2018

1, stone patients and people suffering from cancer. Stone patients are generally not allowed to drink black tea.

2. People with anemia, insomnia, and mental insomnia. The refreshing effect of black tea will make their insomnia worse.

3, usually emotional or sensitive, poor sleep and physical weakness. Because black tea has a good refreshing effect.

4, stomach heat people. Because black tea is a warm tea, it plays the role of warm stomach.

5, thick tongue thick, bad breath, prone to pox, red eyes. Black tea is "hot" and people who are afraid of getting angry should not drink black tea.

6, people who are taking medicine. Black tea will destroy the efficacy.

7, menstrual women, because the menstrual period will consume a large number of body iron, tannic acid in black tea will hinder the body's absorption of iron in food.

8, pregnant women, because caffeine in black tea will increase pregnant women's heart, kidney load, will cause discomfort in pregnant women.

9, breast-feeding women, because black tea in the citrate affect the blood circulation of the breast, will inhibit the secretion of milk, affecting the quality of breast-feeding.

10, Menopausal women, because the tea polyphenols in black tea may occur when the menopause heart rate, poor quality of sleep and other phenomena.

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