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British Tea Is Usually Filled With Milk And Sometimes Sugared
Jun 28, 2018

British tea is usually filled with milk, sometimes with sugar, but more is the addition of orange slices, jasmine and other so-called earl Grey tea, Jasmine black tea, jam black tea, bee black tea and so on. People can drink tea at any time of the day, wake up in the morning before going to bed or have morning tea at breakfast; there are 15 minutes of “tea break” and “morning tea” around 11 am; afternoon tea in the afternoon 4~5 When the tea breaks, it is also about 15 minutes. Refreshments are generally ready-made foods, including bread, butter, jams, pastries and cookies. A variety of cakes are more popular than bread, such as scones, muffins, tea snacks and toasts. Tea is available in the town's hotels, teahouses, tapas restaurants, restaurants, and fast food restaurants.

Eight in 10 people in the United Kingdom drink tea. Each year, the United Kingdom consumes nearly 200,000 tons of tea, which accounts for 20% of the world's total trade in tea. It is the highest in the Western countries and can be called the "drinking tea kingdom."

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