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Got The Honorary Award From The International Food Safety Association's Recommended Product Launch Conference In 2019
Jan 22, 2019


On January 19th, the International Food Safety Association (GFSF) recommended product launch conference was held in Beijing. Guitai Red Tea Technology Co., Ltd. was the first batch of recommended green products in Guizhou. Food safety is national security! Food safety is an urgent problem that China needs to solve now. Implementing a food safety strategy to make consumers eat safer, more secure, and healthier is an important livelihood project that the whole society pays close attention to.


The "Global Food Safety Association (GFSF) Global Recommended Product Launch Conference" will promote the knowledge of safe food to the public, enhance the scientific understanding of safe food in all sectors of society, and help healthy consumption.


The people are eating for the sky. In the countries along the “Belt and Road”, the food industry contains a huge market. The industry believes that in the future, agriculture will abandon rough and low-level labor methods, complete agricultural modernization through science, technology and machinery, convert more farmers into agricultural technicians, contribute healthier and richer agricultural products and agricultural and sideline products, and become a big health. The main output direction of the industry.


The high-quality and safe special products from Guizhou Guitai Red Tea Technology Co., Ltd. were promoted at the summit and presented on-site tasting, which received wide attention and praise from all parties.

There were only two companies in the conference as the detailed speeches. Guitaihong was one of them. The spokesperson of the conference gave a detailed introduction to the taste characteristics, location, climate and production of Duyun Maojian Black Tea. Everyone is full of praise for the quality of Duhong Maojian Black Tea, and hopes to visit Guizhou.

For the first time in ten years since its establishment, the International Food Safety Association (GFSF) has recommended quality products to the public and the media, and awarded the International Food Safety Association (GFSF) Global Recommended Products. In recognition of their unremitting efforts in the field of food safety!


Guitai Red Tea Technology Co., Ltd. was awarded as the exclusive tea company in Guizhou, and you can rest assured that you can drink it with your heart!

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