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How To Brew That Make Tea Leaves Which Are Stored For A Long Time Delicious?
Jan 04, 2019

When we come up with a tea that has been left for a long time, we must first confirm whether the tea is mildewed. If you have a musty smell or you can clearly see signs of mold, then don't drink.

The mildewed tea contains melon, such as penicillium and chlorcycline. These toxins enter the body and can cause symptoms such as diarrhea, abdominal pain, dizziness, and weakness of the limbs.

And if the tea leaves only have some taste, old taste and other odors, then we need certain skills to make the tea soup it tastes more flavorful.

Then, how long do we brew tea to make it better to brew?

Method 1: High temperature fast bubble

The temperature of the water is high, preferably boiling water.

The first bubble time is a little longer than usual, then it is dumped and not drunk.

The brewing time of the last few bubbles is about twice as fast as usual.

Quickly brew and drink hot.

Of course, in the process of brewing, avoid hitting the tea leaves.

If you have the conditions, it is best to use a larger teapot to brew.

The unique double pore structure of the teapot,

Plus it has a certain degree of adsorption and insulation,

Can make tea better released.

Method 2: Low temperature brewing

Reduce the temperature of the water during brewing,

The brewing time is the same as usual.

Avoid excessive bitterness in the tea soup.

Method 3: Reduce the tea to water ratio

When the tea has other miscellaneous tastes,

It is best to change it into a large pot.

Reduce the proportion of tea,

The taste will be better.

For tea leaves that have been left for a long time, if the problem is not big and you don't want to affect the taste of the drink, try the above methods.


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