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Hunan Province Is Also One Of The Birthplaces Of Tea
Jun 28, 2018

Hunan Province is also one of the birthplaces of tea. In Hanzhi, “Chaling is named after the valley for producing tea.

 In the records of the “Zhiling”, Chaling is also called “Tea City”, and the turbid water that passes around the city is also called “tea.” However, the production of Hunan black tea has only a history of more than 100 years. According to historical records, Qing Xianfeng III The year (AD 1858) was first reformed in Anhua, followed by Xiang Xiang.According to “Tongzhi Anhua County” (1871), it was stated that: “Hong (Xiu Quan) Yang (Xiu Qing) volunteers from Changsha to Jianghan. After the death, Tung Shan Tea was also a stalk, and the reason for this was that the estimated sail (referring to the tea trader) took Xiangtan's anti-environmental protection policy to promote the purchase of black tea and traveled to the West. It is said to be Guangzhuang, and Guangdong is also covered by Guangdong. "Another set:" The beginning of the party's black tea is also packed and sealed, and the customer has the name Wuyi tea to sell. We are familiar with the fragrant thick clams, Anhua solid ten times Wuyi, so that Western countries, etc., without the security brand name does not buy. ”

In Hunan Province, Anhua, Taoyuan, Wuyuan, Shaoyang, Pingjiang, Liuyang, Changsha, and other counties and cities in Xiangxi, Shimen, Cili, Sangzhi, Dayong, etc. "Red time" category. Lake Red is one of China's longest working teas and plays a very important role in the development of Chinese tea.

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