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The first import fair, our company and Indian merchants successfully signed
Nov 27, 2018

Chinese window, world stage. From November 5 to 10, 2018, the first China International Import 

Expo will be held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). It has declared to 

the world that China is more open-minded.

In order to expand the demand for import procurement, Guizhou Province held a press

 conference and on-site procurement signing and negotiation activities.

Lingfeng Technology Industrial Park Co., Ltd. was fortunate to be in the M802 

conference room of Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center on 

November 7, 2018, under the witness of the deputy governor of the Guizhou 

Provincial People's Government, the deputy director of the Guizhou Provincial 

Department of Commerce and relevant leaders. The Indian merchants reached 

a signing cooperation letter of 3.5 million yuan.

Our company mainly imports CTC black tea from Eddie O'Brien Tea Co., Ltd. and 

exports green tea to Eddie O'Brien Tea Co., Ltd., and has reached a regular

 quantitative purchasing intention. Next, we will strengthen the alliance and 

open up the market together. 

At the first China International Import Expo, our company, as the signing company

 of the representative of Gannan Prefecture of Guizhou Province, successfully signed 

the signing ceremony at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center, 

contributing to the tea industry and actively responding to the national economic 

development policy. In the next few days, we will not forget our initial heart and 

move forward.

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