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Open The Winter Tea Mode, It Should Be Like This.......
Dec 10, 2018

Cold weather! It's snowing!

Snowing is a very beautiful thing.

"Ruixue Zhaofeng Year" is a gift from nature!

Seeing the snow, the inner excitement is as follows:


Snowflakes are full of romance, poetry;

Silver-packed, pure and shocking.

This scene probably appears in your mind:




The world of most people is like this!

Imagination is beautiful, reality is cruel!

The world of tea people, don't think that they are all beautiful!

look look look...


The heat is rising. I can hear the sound of boiling water,

Can see the tea tumbling up and down in the pot,

I can smell the tea in the air.


In the cold winter,

Cooking tea is indeed a great pleasure in life.

Three or five friends, two or three friends,

Sitting around the stove, gossip home, not so happy!


Cook a pot in the office,

While waiting for the tea to rise,

You can talk to your colleagues about sangma, or you can talk to each other.

Can also talk about family, more warm and joking.

Wait for the tea stove to boil,

The body and mood are softened with the warmth of change.

Hold the pot of tea, pick up the cup, and the tea will rise.

Drink slowly, finely, warm in the stomach, soft in your heart.

a pot of black tea with silky milk,

It is the favorite of most Miss Sisters!

You can also add a few slices of ginger to cook with a cold.

Drink warm and prevent colds, don't want to take medicine and drink it quickly!

107° (23)

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