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Ning Honggong Is One Of The Earliest Time Tea In China
Jun 28, 2018

Ning Honggong is one of the earliest teas in China. The main production is Xiushui County in Jiangxi Province, followed by Wuning and Tonggu. The Hongmao Tea near Changshou Street in Pingjiang County, which is adjacent to Xiushui, is also processed by Xiushui Tea Factory to Ning Hong Gongfu. The tea is unique in style and fine. Quality and well-known Chinese and foreign.

Ning Hong Gongfu Tea's appearance is tightly knotted, round and straight, with a sharp front, slightly reddish, slightly reddish, brilliance; long-lasting, fragrant, mellow, mellow and sweet, red-brown, red and green leaves. . The advanced tea "Ning Hong Jin Hao" has a tight and beautiful appearance. Jin Hao has been exposed. It has a multi-edged seedling and a black color. The fragrance is fresh and cool, and the soup is red and colorful.

"Ning Hong" in addition to scattered bar-shaped tea, there is a beam of tea - Long Xicha.

Longxi tea is processed using unique techniques. Into the tea wearing a red robe, leaves like to be named. It is produced in Ninghong Village, Manjiang Township, Xiushui County. The tea in the early years of the Qing dynasty, and "I would rather red" rise at the same time. The selection of this tea is exquisite, fine workmanship, unique style and excellent quality. In the past, the first batch of high-quality “Ninghong” tea boxes exported every year, put 5 to 24 beard tea caps on the surface of each box. As a color head and mark, it is very beautiful and has considerable artistic appreciation value.

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