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Organic Tea Standard Points
Jun 28, 2018

In fact, organic tea does not have specific product standards. It only stipulates the regulations that must be followed when organic tea planting and processing is carried out on the basis of standards (national standards, industry standards, local standards, and corporate standards) adopted by various companies. Product indicators. The Tea Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences established an organic certification standard in 1999. After being approved by experts, it was officially released in September 1999 and the organic tea certification work was carried out accordingly.

The above organic tea standards have the following points:

(1) Introduced to the tea industry the basic principles of the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) on the production and processing of organic foods. The standards are based on the basic standards of IFOAM organic food production and processing, with reference to European countries and other countries and China's organic food standards and green food standards, combined with the reality of the tea industry, especially China's tea industry, so that China's organic tea production and development, etc. A basic basis.

(2) The regulations stipulate the principles and technical requirements that should be followed in the ecological environment, variety selection, soil management, pest and weed control, and tea processing, packaging, storage, transportation and sales of organic bar production. It is a technical specification that guides the production and processing of organic tea.

(3) It stipulates the product standards for organic teas, especially the high requirements for the product's health indicators.

(4) Prescribe the conditions that organic tea certification agencies must have and the procedures that must be followed in order to carry out organic tea certification.

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