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Our Company Participated In The 6th International Food Safety Summit And Won The Food Safety Social Contribution Award
Dec 08, 2018

On November 18th, the 6th International Food Safety Summit was held at Beijing with the theme of “How to Open the Green Channel of Food Trade in the “One Belt, One Road” Member Countries”. In order to further promote the liberalization, facilitation and standardization of food trade in countries along the “Belt and Road”, intellectual support was provided.


With the trend of economic globalization and regional economic integration becoming more prominent, international economic exchanges and cooperation have become more frequent. In the process of promoting the construction of the “Belt and Road”, China and the countries along the “Belt and Road” have achieved cross-border food. On the one hand, China's food enterprises have accelerated the development of overseas markets with the help of the “Belt and Road”, and many foods have gone abroad; on the other hand, the food trade volume along the “Belt and Road” countries has shown an increasing trend, and a large number of foods have also been introduced into China.

Statistics show that as of 2016, more than 50 countries along the “Belt and Road” countries have entered China through e-commerce. Among them, the food trade in Southeast Asia, represented by Indonesia and Malaysia, is the most active, with trade volume accounting for more than 70%. From the introduction of food, including Sri Lankan Ceylon black tea, Chilean cherries, Mexican avocado, Vietnam, Malaysian coffee, Georgia, Moldova, Bulgarian wines. The introduction of these foods has greatly enriched people's material life.

However, the level of food safety management in the countries along the “Belt and Road” has been uneven, and the quality management level is very different. The standards of different countries are different, and the certification is difficult to recognize each other, which makes the food trade between countries into inefficient transactions. The summit mainly focused on these issues and conducted in-depth research and research, which is of great significance to promote the opening of the green channel of food trade in the “Belt and Road” member countries.

The summit was hosted by the International Food Safety Association (GFSF), co-organized by GIC Group, Asia Pacific Alliance (Beijing) Brand Management Co., Ltd., and Agricultural Science and Technology Newspaper. Nearly 200 people from national envoys, certification bodies, and corporate representatives attended the summit.

The International Food Safety Association (GFSF) is a non-profit food and related industry public welfare social group that promotes international food trade development, explores international food safety situations, problems and countermeasures, helps companies solve food safety problems, and innovative food safety management. The model, maintaining the legitimate rights and interests of member units, improving the overall quality of member units, promoting the construction of a global food supply chain quality system, reducing international trade friction caused by food safety, and jointly promoting the development of international food safety have played a positive role.

"The people take food for the sky" has always come, and Chinese society has developed to the stage of whether it is safe to eat or not to eat. The food safety issue has received unprecedented attention from the state, enterprises and the public. During the summit, the International Food Safety Association held a ceremony to award the Food Safety Social Contribution Awards.

Our company is the only company in Guizhou Province to get this honor.


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