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The Black Tea Is The Treasure Of Our Traditional Time Tea
Jun 28, 2018

Black tea is a treasure of traditional Chinese tea and has a production history of more than 100 years. The main production is Qimen County in Anhui Province, and there are also a small number of productions in Shitai, Dongzhi, Jixian and Guichi counties adjacent to it. The annual output is about 50,000 tons. Shehong Hungfu is known for her appearance in Miaoxiu, rich in "Baoguang" and rich in aroma, and enjoys a good reputation both at home and abroad.

In foreign countries, "Blush" and Darjeeling tea in India, and seasonal tea in Sri Lankan Wuva are listed as the world's three most highly-scented teas. Foreign countries called Bian Hong this regional aroma as "Ji Men Xiang," known as "Prince Tea", "Tea Hero", "Qianfang most." Qingyin can better appreciate the special aroma of Qimen black tea. After milking, milk is pink and its fragrance characteristics remain. Thus won a high degree of evaluation in the international market. In 1915, he won the gold medal when he participated in the Panamanian Native Products Exhibition. In 1983, he won the National Gold Medal at the Quality Products Fair of Light Industry in China. "Blush" is listed as a national gift tea to express the hospitality of the Chinese people. British tea consumers like to drink “blush”, especially older people are particularly interested in high-end “blush”, some are used as treasures in “afternoon tea”, and some are used as breakfast tea. Or for display, show noble, or for the precious friends to feed relatives and friends.

The main sales to the United Kingdom, followed by the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden, France, the United States, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Finland, Japan, Italy, Singapore and Hong Kong and Macao more than 10 countries or regions. It is the black tea with the highest export price and the highest selling price.

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